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A Masters in Education degree is a promise for the future — both for you and for students. Earning a graduate degree in education means you will be prepared to take on new challenges, meet new opportunities, and become a better, more informed educator. It is a big step, but one that can be well worth the effort. Are you ready to earn your Masters in Education degree online? Our searchable program directory is the top online resource on the web, and will guide you in your decision with more than 300 accredited universities that offer an online Masters in Education Degree. You will also find information for choosing a grade level and any subject area specializations you may be interested in.

The Benefits of a Masters in Education Degree

A Bachelor's degree is the minimum educational level required for teaching certification in most states and school districts. Why take the extra step to pursue a Masters degree?

A Masters in Education Degree can offer a huge career boost. Highly prized by many schools, a Masters in Education Degree means you will likely be in high demand — and paid accordingly. In fact, research from the Department of Educational Statistics shows that teachers with a Masters degree will earn, on average, $11,200 more per year than their peers with only a Bachelor's degree.

But beyond a great salary boost, a Masters in Education Degree simply means more opportunities and a stronger career for educators. If you have your sights set on school administration, counseling, school psychology, or even a career in instructional design or higher education, a Masters in Education Degree will be necessary.

The Effect of a Master's in Education on Your Salary

Click on your state in the map below to see the numbers (you can click on the same state a second time to zoom back out).

The data in this map was sourced from the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) "Public School Teacher Data File" 2011-12 (data prepared in May 2013.)

Is an Online Masters in Education Degree Right for You?

Online Masters in Education degree programs are ideal for self-disciplined students seeking convenience and flexibility. They are perfect for education students who want to pursue a Masters degree while continuing to teach full time, or for those who need a more flexible schedule due to other personal or professional needs. Online degrees are also ideal for students who are interested in a degree program that is available online, but not offered locally.

Like their on campus counterparts, coursework for online Masters in Education Degree programs is rigorous and challenging, and typically includes a final thesis or practicum. It takes focus and dedication to commit to an online Masters degree program, but the benefits of earning your degree online are well worth it.

Choose Your Grade Level

Thinking about teaching but not sure where to start? Check out our guides to grade level degree programs. Whether you’re interested in becoming a preschool teacher or a high school educator, you will find a comprehensive overview what’s involved with each degree, including:

  • Job description
  • Teaching requirements
  • Educational trends

Choose Your Educational Specialty

Already have a Bachelor's degree and planning to specialize in a particular field of teaching? Take a look at our in-depth summaries of online masters’ programs in education. Each one covers important information you will need to consider, like:

  • Specific benefits of the degree
  • Typical program structure
  • Examples of specialized online Masters degree programs
  • Career opportunities